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Yes, you can now purchase super-chic home decorative and lifestyle items on my web page.  I’m planning on having online pop-up-shops each month as I find unique items that I know my customers will love.  What does POP-UP really mean?  Well, quantities are limited, price tags are jaw-dropping low, and most items are hard to find…..which also means items will sell fast (hopefully within hours).  Anyways, get over to my website and shop now, here’s the direct link: http://www.ericamoffattstyling.com/#!pop-up-shop/c14k0


Trailer Snap-shot of Interior Furnishings, Old Metairie Home

Finally received the last of the furniture for my client’s home.  There is still more “nitty-gritty” decorating to do on my end around the house, so being the perfectionist that I am, I can only show some teaser snap-shots….sorry guys.  As soon as I feel its perfect, I’ll have a professional photographer do his job in there and then I’ll share to the world.  Let me know what you think so far by leaving a comment on face book or here on the blog pleasssse – I love feedback, good and bad, all kinds!!

IMG_0110  IMG_0111  IMG_0107  IMG_0094  IMG_0092

oh yay! worlds away!

This is one of my favorite furniture lines out there, which also includes lighting and accessories.  I knew of the brand before going to market back in October, but when I saw many of their best-selling items presented in the showroom at HighPoint, I was star-struck!  I have put quite a few of Worlds Away pieces in my client’s home (Old Metairie home) that I will be featuring soon.  In the meantime, I’ll be having a case of “the wants” as I flip through my Worlds Away catalog today.

Oooo I would do anything to style a table with these gals around them….gorgeous and unique seating:

2015-01-27 02.49.45

2015-01-27 02.46.31

Finishing Touches, and the calm before the storm

Construction is wrapping up this week on the home I’ve been working on in Metairie, LA.  Move-in-day which for me is more like an install day is scheduled for next week – furniture deliveries and the interior decorating will be in full force.  I call this week the ‘calm before the storm’ because I imagine it will be hectic and fun as hell on January 21st!  Here are a few pics of some of the finishing touches of the construction phase of this beautiful home with elements inspired by the city of New Orleans as well as modern accents to tie it all up.

IMG_1258      IMG_1001    IMG_0889

IMG_1262     IMG_0900   FullSizeRender   IMG_1257   IMG_0996

IMG_0885     IMG_0999     IMG_0912

IMG_1259   IMG_0990   IMG_1256

A little piece of sunshine

Just a little ray to brighten up this rainy cold dreary day.  I saw this pair and couldn’t pass them up, although it was hard to purchase bright and colorful outdoor patio furniture with this horrid weather that us Louisianans aren’t very used to …. but maybe it was just what I needed!!   Remember, the best spring stuff always comes out early in the year, so grab it while you can or you’ll regret it when that sunny and 73 degree weather pops out and you want to soak it all up in the comfort of your own backyard.    I found these at TJ Maxx in Baton Rouge. The pillows are vintage. Stay warm and find a way to stamp your own style this weekend!

2015-01-07 03.41.43    2015-01-07 03.43.01

Three New Design Boards

Three mock-up Design Boards I thought I’d add today to give you an idea of not exactly the starting point with a client, but the point at which we are about to execute the new design to a room and space.  Above is a guest room that’s being transformed into a cozy, colorful oasis that should invite any guest to want to stay for more than a few days 🙂

The real reason for all this decorating frenzy in my client’s house (in my opinion) is the arrival of a precious baby boy in March!  Presenting a few options for the nursery design:

briana nursery graysbriana nursery brite bluebriana nursery dark blue

Last, but not least at all, a little girl’s room for a precious three-year old who loves ballet, pink, and her favorite of all colors: red.  With this all in mind, I put together a Parisian-luxe inspired room that she can definitely grow in to.

Briana gabrielles room 1
Briana Gabrielles Room 2

Briana girls fabrics


I saw this hardcover at a glance and I knew it spoke my language.  My mom gave it to me as a Christmas gift.  Now of course, like any other “coffee table” book, she is sitting on my desk showing herself off, but I am reading it too.  Written by Julia Chapman, a New York journalist and editor who covers art, style, and travel – my kinda gal, and some of my favorite things in life. Chapman is also the author of Gypset Style published in ’09.

A few good lines I have already highlighted in the book that will give you an overall idea of what Gypset Living is about:

A yurt or a teepee can be more stylish than a penthouse apartment or a Roman Palazzo; Gypset Living is not a typical interior design book…the inhabitants are as important as the habitat; Personal utopia by definition is an imaginary place, but when you allow it to be personal, it’s both place and a state of mind…personal utopias are individual experiments in living that question the status quo.


Reading the intro of this book, you learn that the Chapman’s hope for the reader is to be inspired to live as freely as they roam, a “gypset state of mind the author quotes.

I have always been intrigued by dwelling spaces of all kinds.  My eyes get big and wonder through glass windows and doors as I pass homes, curious as to what is inside.  I love to read books, magazine articles, and watch specials on television about how humans around the world live and how they live by adapting to their environment, it’s very compelling to me.  A few years back, Planet Earth came out with a documentary series, Human Planet. This series went inside mankind’s modern-day relationship with nature and how humans have managed to adapt and thrive in just about every environment on Earth.  I was completely enthralled by this documentary because it truly illustrated these amazing habitats and dwelling spaces of those living within all means of nature and their true survival off of the land (both Human Planet and Planet Earth are programs through the British Broadcast Community).

human planet water  human-planet


I have mentioned this before, Charlie and I are planning a backpacking trip through Thailand and Indonesia.  My goal is to not only visit ancient ruins and temples, but to also submerge ourselves into the adventure of being at the heart of those dwelling throughout isolated villages, rice and river valleys, and other territories in which locals have made their homes by embracing the land and natural surroundings.  Taking the road less traveled may get us there.

Lastly, I don’t exactly look at each new year and “make a resolution”; I seek new life within myself by planning ways to discover and grow as an individual.  Through this, I hope to learn more about myself, others, and the world I live within.  Through reading Gypset Living and other books or media that inspire me to explore my personal interests at new heights, as well as our upcoming trip to Asia, I hope to grab this year by the horns, go for the unexpected, and soak in what it is that I seek…..all in style of course!!